About Carrington Power Station

GE Power and DF Energy are building a new gas-fired power station in Carrington, Greater Manchester for Carrington Power. The 880MW power plant will enter commercial operation  in 2016 following the three-year construction period and will generate enough electricity to supply the needs of around a million homes. The station is being built using the latest natural gas combined cycle technology (CCGT) to ensure maximum energy efficiency and minimal impact to the environment. It will be one of the most efficient power stations in the UK once finished. Carrington Power received planning permission in 2008 for the construction of the plant at the former Carrington coal-fired power station site. Carrington Power will generate more than three times the amount of electricity than the former coal plant but will occupy only half the land.



Carrington Power Station Commissioning update 25 4 16

commissioning of Unit 2 to start on 18 April 2016

Commissioning press release




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